The 7 Best PlayStation VR Games


The virtual reality experience is still in development, although many steps have been taken to improve the experience and performance of many VR devices. After all, the vast majority of people already own a PlayStation 4, and 3D headsets are one of the cheapest add-ons.

The best part is that Sony has claimed that the current prototype PSVR headset will fit the next generation of PlayStation consoles. Whatever the case, it’s important to familiarize yourself with PSVR games before buying such a device or owning one right now. yourself. Take a look.

Rhythm games are always fun

But there’s something about cutting oncoming objects in half with virtual lightsabers that other experiences can’t match. Beat Saber is one of the best titles in the PlayStation VR gaming library, not only for its song list and variety, but also for its ease of play. The game is not complicated and anyone can understand how to play after a few minutes.

Better yet, many people want a way to burn a few pounds while playing video games. Beat Saber is a great exercise, especially if you turn up the difficulty. While the PlayStation VR version of Beat Saber doesn’t have the same variety of songs as the PC version, it’s still great.

If you are looking for a serious and realistic adventure

Moss is not the game for you, but if you want to get into a game that feels like a fairy tale, give it a try. A single narrator voices each character, further enhancing the bedtime story feel. Help a mouse named Quill achieve his goals by removing obstacles and interacting with the world.

The game has a whimsical nature that makes it appealing to all ages

but Moss is a particularly good entry point for kids into VR gaming. The title uses the PSVR control scheme in a way that doesn’t make you dizzy like many other entries.

Platforming is one of the purest and original game genres out there, but it seems like something that would be hard to pull off in VR, at least without causing severe motion sickness. Astro Bot Rescue Mission achieves this goal in a brilliant way.

The astrobot with the goal of rescue has five different planets and more than fifty strata. It is a platform type game in which you control a small automaton in order to protect its companions. The game makes good use of Dual Shock 4, and it is in this way that few other PSVR games have succeeded.

While many PlayStation VR games are exceptional, very few are award-winning. The goal of Astro Bot Rescue Mission is تستحق worth picking up a separate VR headset.

Tetris has at some point been permanently on most consoles. Even recently, Nintendo has created a Tetris Battle Royale that looks like Tetris 99, however no computer or device has generated an overall experience of the sensation like the Tetris effect.

Outside of VR, Tetris Effect is a beautiful game.

The combination of parts and clean lines creates aesthetic, musical effects on the screen that aspire to the player. However, it’s only when you’re wearing the VR headset that the game gives you the full experience.

The game feels like the Tetris you know and love, but the overall experience has been improved. It is one of the best games to sit down in the PlayStation VR games library.

VR doesn’t exactly lend itself to party gaming, given the singular nature of the headset, but Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes bridges the gap between VR and non-VR in a nerve-wracking and outrageously fun way.

The hearing aid user finds himself in front of a pump that has many wires, buttons and various interacting components. Those outside the hearing aid have the ability to observe the instructions shown on television. It’s a bit like a violent version of Simon Says: follow the steps or mess up.

If you want a way to teach VR to non-user colleagues, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a great alternative. brings everyone together in a disorganized and joyous experience.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew transports you to the viaduct of the USS Aegis as you search for a new home for the Vulcan people. It is divided into four roles: Captain, Tactical Officer, Engineer and Helm Officer. You drive the boat as if you were positioning yourself in the continuous seat of the viaduct.

That description alone is enough to drive the vast majority of Star Trek connoisseurs crazy, but Star Trek: Bridge Crew becomes even more widely known as one of the most special moments of the collective on PSVR.

La única persona que ve los objetivos es el jugador como Capitán, y debe transmitir estas órdenes a los demás en el puente. Cada rol es fundamental para el éxito, pero las habilidades de comunicación claras son absolutamente vitales.

Incluso las misiones simples pueden volverse caóticas, pero siempre es divertido. Si te parece un buen momento, hay buenas noticias: una actualización lo ha hecho para que no necesites un auricular VR para jugar el juego de PlayStation VR, aunque eso ciertamente mejora la experiencia.

Skyrim is one of the quintessential gaming experiences.

Personally, this game fascinates me, and what better than having it in virtual, you can live it is one of the most played games that exist. There’s even a running joke that it appears on every new platform, and that includes PlayStation VR.

Skyrim VR is a great experience that puts you in the shoes of Dragonborn. Explore and battle using Move or Dual Shock 4 controllers. It’s immersive in a way that no other way to play Skyrim has ever been before.

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